CanFitPro FAQ


No, you can not check this on Trainer Plus. There will be a new portal for canfitpro launching by the end of the month to manage your membership and CECs, Trainer Plus is just replacing the workout building tool and exercise library that used to be a part of Interactive.

Trainer Plus is a software platform made up of a web app for trainers to build content and manage clients, and a set of mobile apps for tracking workouts and assessments (Trainer+), and to generate new training leads (Fitness+). It has an exercise library which can be used to build up your own workout and program templates, along with an assessment building tool. There is also a shared library of existing workout, program and assessment templates that can be accessed. You can also manage clients on Trainer Plus, assigning and updating workout programs, entering assessments and viewing progress, and also managing client follow up.

No, there is not currently any functions for nutrition in Trainer Plus. This is mainly due to the fact that Trainer Plus is used in healthcare settings and we need to be careful about providing features that trainers may not be qualified to prescribe. We are looking at adding some features in the future like uploading a file to a client or having client’s add pictures, which could be used for meal plans and nutrition guidance, or integrating with other nutrition tools. Prescribing and tracking workouts is already a fairly complicated feature set to get right and make it easy for both trainer and client, so our focus is on always improving those aspects of the platform.

There are many places you can get help with Trainer Plus:

  • There is a Guide in the top right of the web app and in the ‘Help’ section in the menu of the mobile app that contains videos and pictures along with written explanations
  • You can reach out through out chat app to ask questions from one of our support team at most hours in the day
  • You can email and we will reply within 24 hours
  • We will also be setting up regular webinars through our YouTube channel to run through how to use the software and also how to adapt it to your business.

No, there currently is not a french version of Trainer Plus, but we are hoping to change this in the near future. The first thing that is needed is some help with translating exercise name and descriptions, along with the names for different tags and screens in Trainer Plus. If you speak French and would be interested in helping us translate, please email and let us know. We will reward those that help translate with some extra free clients as well as being part of our reference network when people request support en francais.

Plans and Promotion

The plans are a monthly fee based on the number of ‘Active’ clients you have on the platform, starting with a free ‘Basic’ plan that can have up to 2 free clients plus yourself. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, and paid plans have some additional features. You can see the difference in plans from the pricing page when you sign up/in through the canfitpro link.

The initial special rate for canfitpro members (40% off) will last as long as you stay on Trainer Plus. This discount is available until the end of January 2020, and the plan rates will change after that. As long as you sign up before then, you will be able to keep the discounted monthly rate for as long as you have Trainer Plus.

In the free version you can have up to 2 ‘Active’ clients and yourself, unlimited ‘View-Only’ and ‘Archived’ clients, and access to the complete exercise library and some free shared workout templates. ‘Active’ clients can track workout programs on the mobile app and you can update them regularly, while ‘View-Only’ clients can have a program they can see and not track, along with assessments entered into Trainer Plus. The latter can be used to help generate future training leads if someone has not purchased support, or can be used with clients who do not want to track on mobile or just track assessments. Paid plans include a few additional features to manage long term follow up and access to a complete shared library of workout templates.

Yes, we do have an enterprise version of the platform for gyms and chains. It includes features for manager oversight, shared libraries of content, reporting and can also have a custom version of Fitness+ to sell content subscriptions and generate leads. The pricing is different as it includes unlimited trainer licences and a group of ‘Active’ client licenses, along with implementation and training. If you own or manage a gym, contact or go through our website to book a discovery call to learn more.

Client Experience

Yes, the apps are free for your clients. The idea is that they pay you for your service, so they shouldn’t have to pay for the app. You can always charge in different ways for the oversight in the app and create new services to sell through the app.

On the mobile app, clients see their program, their assessments and their past results. They can track workouts and view those workout results or a summary of their workouts, and also track assessments and compare past results or how a protocol has progressed over time. Clients can not log in to the web app.

No, you can not change the email address since this is what the account is based on. If you have entered an incorrect email, just invite the correct email and delete the other incorrect one from the ‘Client List’. If you have already tracked information on the account, contact and ask us to change the incorrect one with the correct one.

Not yet. You can build assessment templates that your clients can also see on the mobile app and enter. We are working on a way for you to be able to assign an assessment which will notify the client to do it when they sign in.

No, we will not ever try to sell your clients anything. They can subscribe to Premium content on the Fitness+ app and unlock exercises and workouts, but they can not track on that app. Fitness+ is meant to be used for clients to request content for their next program and not replace what you do. It’s main purpose is to generate new leads for you, by giving it to people who are not yet ready to purchase support and giving them some value, you can use Trainer Plus to automate the follow up with them in the future. For example, if someone doesn’t purchase after an assessment or asks you for technique on the gym floor. They can use Fitness+ to see some exercises and then request a program from you.

We are also working on giving you the workout templates from Fitness+ in a soon to be released addition.

Features and Functions

You can not assign a program to a day of the week or calendar. The programs rotate, so once one workout is complete, it rotates to the back and the next in the last shows up. The system was designed to be flexible for different splits and in case people delay workouts. You can name workouts based on the day of the week as a way of letting clients know when to do a given workout.

Yes, there are print version of anything that needs to be tracked in Trainer Plus and assessment results. You can print out an assessment template to fill it out with boxes to enter the information. You can also print out a client program by hitting the ‘Edit Program’ button on a client card and the printout will have boxes to fill out reps and weight, along with enter feedback and notes and have pictures of the exercises. For assessment results, you can print out a comparison of two assessments or long term results of all assessments organized by testing protocol. Just look for the green print icon on all of these screens.

You can not currently delete or edit an assessment once it has been submitted. This is something we are working on and hope to have as a live feature in the coming weeks. For now, just enter another assessment to adjust or finish any values and make sure you have the correct values before submitting them.

You can not currently toggle to metric and the system is designed in imperial, however there are very few places where ‘lbs’ is displayed in the app. Your clients only see the number that is prescribed and not whether it is lbs or kg, so you can just tell them to track the kgs based on the number prescribed. We are working on adding metric protocols to assessment some time in the future as well.

You can edit a set that has already been entered by opening that exercise and then swiping to the given set and pressing on the numbers. This will reactivate the dials to edit the numbers. You can not edit a workout result once it has been submitted.

We have a number of things in the works to release in the near future. These features include:

  • Adding a shared library of workout templates that you can use and also match the workouts found in Fitness+
  • A way to see the results of an exercise the last time it was completed
  • A comparison of the recent completed workout versus the last time this workout was completed and the differences
  • A way to add an exercise to a workout while tracking it. This can also be used to enter a different variation from the one prescribed if substituting an exercise.
  • Another 124 exercises to the database which includes powerlifting, box jumps, tire flipping and a number of variations of planks and bodyweight cardio.